How do you make the most money in the current market conditions?

These 16 veteran traders reveal their top trading strategies every investor should know!

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16 Strategies to Capture Holiday Market Moves


Bubba Horwitz

The Bubba Show

  • Algorithmic Trading Platform for All Types of Traders
  • Take Simultaneous Advantage of Market Ups & Downs
  • Using Diversification to Build Confidence & Consistency
Jeffrey Gibby


  • Finding Your Best Risk/Reward “Comfort Zone”
  • Tools That Help Tweak and Optimize Your Strategies
  • Scouring the Market to Quickly Find Your Best Setups
Troy Noonan

Backpack Trader

  • How to Counter Punch an Exhausted Market for Profits
  • Avoiding the Whipsaw of the Market to Generate Gains
  • Identify Market Breakouts to Capture High Profit Potential
Steven Primo

Pro Trader Strategies

  • Strategy Can Be Applied to Any Market or Time Frame
  • Method Applies a Unique Indicator Setting That You’ll Learn
  • Step-by-Step Explanation of All the Basic Trading Rules

Meet our experts

John Seville

John has spent the last 11 years mastering the art of technical analysis as a method of finding trading opportunities in the North American equity markets.  Acorn Wealth Corporation opened in 2007 to become one of the few places where students could go to learn such powerful techniques directly from their mentors.

Michael Nauss

Michael has been scalping and trading the market for over 12 years. During that time, he drank the Trade-Ideas koolaid and became an avid user and content creator. When not buried in backtests and trying to find that next best algo for Holly the A.I., he is helping customers with their setup and Automatic trading system, Brokerage Plus.

Mark Helweg

After leaving the exchange to focus on engineering school, Mark pioneered early quantitative trading models for a local Hedge Fund. Over the past 20 years he has served as Head of Research and Senior Strategy Developer for several award winning hedge funds. He has also authored “Dynamic Trading Indicators” that was recognized among the Best Investment Books of 2002 by Barron’s magazine. 

Mark has been a frequent contributor for CNN Money Pre-Market and also speaks internationally on technical analysis in the stock, futures, and FOREX markets.

Jeff Tompkins

Jeff Tompkins is with Altos Trading and he has been trading stocks, options and futures for about 20 years. Over these years he has developed an arsenal of highly tested trading strategies, which have remained effective regardless of market conditions. You’re about to see why he is one of our most requested speakers.

Steven Primo

Steven Primo is with ProTraderStrategies and has been  trading the markets for over 37 years. Steve has also been featured in Stocks and Commodities magazine and is a frequent contributor to many sites such as Tradingmarkets, FXstreet, Forex Pros and Traders Expo. His strategies are now traded across the globe in over 50 countries on 6 continents.

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